Ergonomics & employee assessments

Why Screen Employees?

These are unprecedented times with many people working from home using their own work stations that may or may not have proper ergonomics in mind.  As an employer, you desire to ensure that the health and well-being of your employees is well taken care of, but may find it more challenging to do this with a remote work system.  Furthermore you want to feel confident that your employees are able to work efficiently and effectively in order to continue to deliver high quality products and services to your clients, without work related injuries and job loss claims.

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Why Solid Rock?

We believe that an ergonomics assessment should go well beyond an inspection of the work environment and work station.  It should include a physical assessment of the employee, taking into account their injury history, work related strain and precursor musculoskeletal limitations.  In other words, a hands on assessment to find physical problems before they lead to an injury.  PREVENTION!

How's It Done?

Traditional ergonomics assessments will look at many work environment factors including the setup of the work station, lighting, noise, air temperature, color, and equipment just to name a few.  Then some modifications to those variables will be made and recommendations will be provided about how often to move and the importance of staying hydrated.  

We want to go a step further!  In addition to assessing those variables, we want to perform a hands on assessment of the employee as well.  We’ll look at joint restrictions, muscle strength and flexibility issues and how those variables play into their work environment and job tasks.  

Then we’ll create a custom plan for the employee and instruct them on how to perform it safely and effectively!  We’ll provide handouts with instructions and be available for continued guidance along the way. 

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Who Will Do It?

In order to provide a hands on screening and assessment of your employee, a licensed physical therapist who has been trained in orthopedic injuries and understands biomechanics and work related musculoskeletal injuries will perform each and every assessment.  This way you can be certain that a trained eye and trained hands will be looking out for your invaluable employees! 

Physical Therapist have Masters and Doctorate degrees in the study of human motion and a vast knowledge in musculoskeletal injuries and prevention.  Who better to help look out for your workforce?

How to Take Action

  • Call and speak with one of our physical therapists today to learn more about how to get started. 
  • Utilize our FREE anonymous employee survey to learn more about the needs among your workforce and how our services could best benefit you.  Call or email us to learn more about this tool. 
  • Watch a quick video where we’ll discuss more details about the benefits of proper ergonomics along with the importance of thinking prevention in the workplace and how these areas can impact the bottom line.   
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Fruits of Your Labor

  • Improved productivity (10% or greater)
  • Decreased work related injuries and time loss claims (Average cost per work related injury is $38,000 including wages, productivity loss and medical expenses – National Safety Council, 2005)
  • Happier employees who make less errors and produce higher quality products and services.
  • Enhanced work experience.
  • A company culture that understands the importance of injury prevention.  It takes a village watching out for each other to build and maintain a healthy community.