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why Solid Rock?

  • We come to YOUR HOME
  • Doctorate and Masters Trained Therapists
  • 60 minute sessions
  • NEVER PASSED OFF to another therapist or aide
  • No sharing YOUR time with other patients
  • 25,000+ hours of clinical experience
  • HANDS ON manual therapy
  • Plenty of TIME TO LISTEN to your needs
  • No insurance driven treatments

Many people believe that pain is just a part of life.  This does not have to be true, pain does not have to define you.  As Physical Therapists we are movement specialists who are passionate about helping people conquer pain and find freedom in life again!

Every battle with pain and limited function is different.  Check out our treatment page for more information on areas that we specialize in.  Don’t let pain be the victor; together we will build your health on a firm foundation! 

Solid Rock Services

Physical Therapy

Develop a customized plan and get back to living!

Ergonomics & Employee Assessments

Ensure your workforce is staying healthy and happy!

Golf Performance Assessment

Optimize your mobility and strength for a lifetime of golf!

Fall Risk and Balance Programs

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in the US in adults over 65.

Mobility & Injury Risk Assessment

Stop an injury before it can get a foothold!

How to Take Action

Call us today and speak directly to a Physical Therapist who can help answer your questions and setup your first appointment.

Try our FREE and SIMPLE self assessment tool to find out if physical therapy could help you Move from Pain to Freedom! 

Download the 5 quintessential factors for SUCCESS in every physical therapy program.

Receive updates on FREE health tips and new Blog & Video posts!  We hope these topics will help you learn more about your body’s design and how to keep it healthy and pain free!

Every day you let pain gnaw away, is one more day you let pain weave it’s way into your narrative.    

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Katie Thorn

“After several years of chronic pain in my arm and countless doctor tests without a diagnosis, I gave up hope of ever regaining my strength. Then I met Kristen. She examined me in my own living room and was able to provide a diagnosis, complete with a understandable explanation of the causes. Within four months, my arm has almost one hundred percent healed, and my strength is greater than it ever was! No longer do I need to take pain medication hourly, and due to the regular exercise program, I am not afraid to lift items that once I might have hesitated at lifting. Throughout the process, Kristen remained helpful and flexible, training me to follow the strengthening exercises correctly. Without Kristen’s services healing my arm, I would not be able to pursue the career and activities that I love. I would definitely recommend Solid Rock Physical Therapy to anyone!”
Dan Parker
"Josh Weaver is a hands-on physical therapist who performed my therapy after my total knee and total shoulder replacements. As a result, both are completely recovered with full range of painless motion. While performing therapy, Josh educated me on what he was trying to achieve and showed me home exercises to further facilitate his work with me. Another therapist worked on my other knee and the results were far less than I hoped. When I need physical therapy, I search for Josh’s location and will go wherever he practices. Josh will help your body function as its Designer intended."
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Josh Hall
"If you are looking for physical therapist to take you seriously and give you a super high level of personal service then this is your place. For them it’s not about burning through the most patients in a day it’s about taking the time that is needed to help get the best results. I struggled with a pinched nerve in my neck for quite a while but Josh & Kristen both took the time needed to get me better!"
Greg Miller
Kristen is a superior physical therapist. I found her to be thoughtful and thorough in her treatment, and very attuned to my physical issues. I cannot imagine a better experience
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Jason Miller
"Dr. Josh Weaver makes PT fun!! He is an exceptional therapist with excellent knowledge, and background in the field. He goes the extra mile to help his patients. Who would have ever thought physical therapy could be fun? If you have your doubts, go see him!! He will get you back in shape, and makes it a comfortable, pleasant experience. Thank you for helping me get better!!"
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